Direct Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access or Metro E

With so many internet options for internet in the market, which one to choose. One of the most common questions we get asked is “Do we need Dedicated Internet Access or Best-Effort Internet? Often businesses are put off by the term ‘dedicated’. The term is associated with having to manage your own connection in-house as well as owning your own internet, which sounds ‘exclusive’ for big corporation and expensive to own it. It may have been the case when first introduced, the reality is that technology has changed and dedicated internet is more scalable than ever before. Let’s look at the differences between the two internet options and work out which is best suited to your business.

What is best-effort internet?

Most consumer-level Internet service plans are “best-effort” internet plans. Best-effort internet is when your internet service provider (ISP) does not guarantee that data is delivered. What does that mean? If you’re subscribing a 500Mbps best-effort plan, consider it a good faith estimate of service up to 500Mbps at its optimum, it is not usually the case. “best-effort” because they’re typically shared data lines amongst many customers like yourself. This means your connection could potentially drop or that the quality of the connection could be poorer during peak periods. It is common that you will suffer from latency issues and packet loss.

Best-effort is still considered acceptable in homes and small businesses with low internet usage. With more and more businesses relying on reliable internet connection for data transfer, connection between HQ & branches for productivity activity, best-effort internet become rarely use in the workplace.

What is dedicated internet access?

When you subscribe to a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or Metro E, it comes with network uptime assurance to receive the bandwidth you purchased. Metro- E is a Wide Area Network enables you to connect your HQ and branches at high bandwidth, high availability, scalable and cost-effective way. It provide you dedicated internet service, point to point leased line, international private connectivity and direct cloud connection based on your requirement. It is high scalable network provide you flexibility to burst as and when you need more bandwidth at very short time frame. It provides network uptime assurance with Service Level Assurance (SLA) and Service Level Guarantee (SLG) from 99.5 to 99.99.


If you’ve decided that reliable internet connection is for you, the next steps are crucial. The principles are simple but the setup, migration and management needs specialist attention. To take your requirements to the next stage, why not talk to us, we also provides connectivity solution best of both wired and wireless connectivity networks for businesses and sustains optimum connectivity experience. Hybrid connectivity solution unites the wired network technology with wireless network technology by ensuring that the network technology can be interchangeable in the case of network failure.