Artificial Intelligence

How business can benefit from AI

  • Optimize Operation: Artificial Intelligence can dig in your data and find out how to improve the company’s decision on sales, product next development and customers needs.
  • Improve Offering: Competition is getting harder and you need to enlarge the gap? Artificial Intelligence can be used to offer a better and cheaper product to your customer.
  • Reduce Bureaucracy: Lets Artificial Intelligence handle tasks that consume too much time, work, money from the organization and too much attention from the management. A robot software will take care of it.

We interact with AI every day in our professional and personal lives:

  • Task automation: repetitive back-office tasks such as clerical work, invoicing, and management reporting can be automated to save time and improve accuracy. Factory and warehouse work can also be automated using AI-powered robots.
  • Customer support: remember the online text chat you had with your bank’s customer support? That may have been a chatbot instead of an actual human.
  • Self-driving cars: Onboard cameras and computers identify objects and people on the road, follow traffic signs, and drive the car. Early models are already safer than human drivers.

Machine Learning being a subset to Artificial Intelligence where engineers realized that rather than teaching computers and machines how to do everything, it would be far more efficient to code them to think like human beings, and then plug them into the internet to give them access to all of the information in the world.

In a layman’s term, machine learning is a process carried out by the computer to mimic the way human interpret and solve the problem.