Rack or co-location is where you install your servers in a professionally-managed Data Center, rather than on your own premises.



Big Band Rack or co-location services enable you to host your servers at our best-in-class Data Center facilities at Cyberjaya and KL. Our cutting-edge, interconnected data center allow your mission critical server and application properly managed and runs smoothly at any time.


Tier 3 Data Center Facilites

Big Band co-location hosted at NTT Cyberjaya which is one of the reputable Data Center in Malaysia. Beside that, we also have Data Center at KL. We provide full Data Center facilities including dedicated rack, shared rack and private suite or different business needs. Just name it!


Premium International Bandwidth & MyIX bandwidth

You are able to connect to Premium International Bandwidth if you choose to host your server at our Data Center. We have many tier-1 providers in our Data Center to facilitate your premium connectivity requirement. Beside that, we are able to provide you MyIX (Malaysian Internet Exchange) bandwidth if you hosted at our Data Center.


Expand or Consolidate Your Data Center

You can opt to consolidate your servers into Data Center to ease of management and centralize your servers and application. Let’s our expert manage the Data Center facilites, while you focus on your application and business.


Disaster Recovery Center

Having a secondary site at our Data Center to fulfill your Disaster Recovery Plan. We have multiple Data Center in KL & Cyberjaya to fulfil your business continuity needs.


Improve Uptime

Hosted at Data Center will improve your server and application uptime as Data Center comes with redundancy in power, connectivity and cooling system.


Reduce Operating Expenses

Running your own Data Center might cost more than hosted at Public Data Center. There are many hidden cost if you build and operate your own Data Center.




Shared Rack, Dedicated Rack, Private Suites


Premium International Bandwidth & MyIX

Data Center Facilities

UPS, Isolation Transformer, Precision Air-Con, Precision Air-con switchboard, Active Harmonic Filter, Temperature sensor, Smoke detection system, Water detection system, Fire Alarm Panel.


What is co-location?

Co-location is where you install your servers in a professionally-managed data centre, rather than on your own premises. So instead of having to find space in your own building, pay for expensive cooling, and handle the maintenance of your servers, you pay an external provider to do it for you as part of a co-location service.

Why do i need co-location?

Reduce total cost in the long run and with professionally managed Data Center and it may act as secondary location to fulfil your Disaster Recovery Plan. High speed network connections between your premises and Data Center give you rapid access to your servers and storage, just as if they were installed in your own office.

Why choose Big Band for colocation service?

Big Band Co-location reside in the reputable Data Center in Cyberjaya and Klang Valley. It is Tier-3 certified Data Center who assured you the Service Level (SLA) and uptime guarantee when you co-located your server in Big Band Data Center.