Ransomware poses a significant threat to companies in Malaysia and Asean

Ransomware attack consists of the operator encrypting data and forcing the victim to pay a ransom to unlock it. Organizations of all sizes across many industries have been impacted by it.

In the case of double extortion, operators steal the data and encrypt it to demand a ransom from victims and if the victim doesn’t pay, the data is released to leak sites or dark web domains.

Sectors by ransomware attackers

Conclusion and Solution Recommendations:
Initial Access – Organizations should maintain user awareness and training for email security as well as consider ways to identify and remediate malicious email as soon as it enters an employee’s mailbox.

Backup and Recovery Process – Organizations should continue to back up their data and keep an appropriate recovery process in place. Ransomware operators will target on-site backups for encryption, so organizations should ensure that all backups are maintained securely offline.

Security Controls – The most effective forms of protection from ransomware are endpoint security, URL filtering or web protection, advanced threat prevention (unknown threats/sandboxing), and anti-phishing solutions deployed to all enterprise environments and devices.

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