Backup Solutions

Why backup solutions important

Without getting into harrowing statistics of malware, ransomware, and other terrifying disasters, data backups are basically good business practice. Yes, they are helpful when your system needs a complete recovery. However, they are also important for basic data management, optimization, and integration.

Many data security experts recommend the 3-2-1-0 rule explained as the following:

3 – Keep three copies of your data at all times.
2 – Store the data in at least two different formats.
1 – Hold one copy of your data in an offsite location.
0 – Verify your recovery plan has zero errors.

Backup Solutions by Veeam, this recommendation applies to organizations of all sizes, from small business to large enterprise.

Veeam Magic Quadrant

Veeam is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant; in the last iteration of this research, it was a Leader.

Introducing Veeam Backup Solution

Backup – Creating image-level backups of virtual, physical, cloud machines and backups of NAS share files.

Backup Copy – Copying backup files to a secondary repository.

Restore – Performing restore from backup files to the original or a new location.

Replication – Creating an exact copy of a VM and maintaining the copy in sync with the original VM.

Recovery Verification – Testing VM backups and replicas before recovery.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Replication technology that helps you protect mission-critical VMs